Engraved Stationery

Engraving is the finest type of stationery available
and Samson Paper specializes in engraving.
Engraving exudes an aura of success to your
clients and in your correspondence with other

Printed Stationery

Samson also does flat printing of stationery as well
as billheads, printed legal sheets and envelopes.

20lb Stationery 25% Cotton Rag Content

Cheltenham Bond (white)
Samson Tech Laser (bright white)
Cheltenham Bond (white)

24lb Stationery 25% Cotton Rag Content

Samson Tech Laser Paper (bright white or cream)
Samson Laid Laser Paper (light cream or white)
Samson Wove (natural)
Samson Laid (natural or ivory)
Samson Bond (bright white. recycled)

24lb 100% Cotton Rag Content

Aristocrat Parchment (bright white)
Cranes Bond
Cranes Crest

Other Available Papers

Fox River

We can also special order any paper you currently
have, or find a comparable match.

All papers have matching envelopes.
Many are available in Peel & Seal or Self Seal.


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