Minute Books

Black Beauty No. 70 with 50 blank sheets
Black Beauty No. 80 with printed minutes
and by-laws, Medical reimbursement plan
and Subchapter S materials.

Special Design Seals
Lasting black vinyl gold trimmed corporate
record book with (3) 1 1/4 rings.

Corporate Seals & Notary Seals

Catalog No.: OPS Size: Pocket Seal 1 5/8 die
Catalog No.: 2PS Size: Pocket Seal 2 die
Catalog No.: EPS Size: Element only for
Pocket Seal 1 5/8 die
Catalog No.: 0DS Size: Desk Seal 1 5/8 die
Catalog No.: 1DS Size: Desk Seal 1 3/4 die
Catalog No.: 2DS Size: Desk Seal 2 die

Special Design Seals
Architects, engineers, institutions, unions, court officers, etc. For special emblems and designs, submit black line art work. State position on paper for seal - lower left corner, top, extra long reach, etc. We will be pleased to estimate. Dies on existing seals may be altered or renewed.


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